Year-End + Sweeping Tax Changes = Donor-Advised Funds Surge

Here’s the Skinny…

It’s tough to beat the simplicity, convenience and benefit of a donor-advised fund – and as you may already know, USA Financial Portformulas enjoys a money management relationship with the National Christian Foundation in order to make things even easier for you and your clients. Other options include Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, etc.

If your clients already have a donor-advised fund, it’s time to get those year-end tax-planning contributions submitted. If not, you still have time so set up accounts before year-end, but you better hurry.

Simply put, a donor-advised fund allows an investor/donor to make a contribution today, getting the deduction immediately, even though they may not grant the money to a charity (of their choice) until some entirely flexible future date (instantaneously and/or years from now). Really, it’s that easy. Plus, you can use it as a repository to collect and consolidate 100% of your charitable donations in one convenient reporting mechanism (which is a side benefit I love).

Here are three timely resources providing additional information:

Click below for the National Christian Foundation.



Click below for USA Financial Portformulas.

Click below for an Investment News article titled, “Interest in donor-advised funds surges in response to tax changes.”



The clock is ticking. Don’t let 2017 slip away before locking in your year-end contributions and tax deductions.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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