How Just 20 People Can Redefine Your Practice

Here’s the Skinny,

Can you name the 20 most influential and important people in your practice right now?

I’m not referring to your 20 largest clients (although many could not list them either).  Some may be in your largest client grouping, but others may not even be customers of your firm – while you let that sink in, I’ll tell you a story about one of the influencers of USA Financial.

We started a partnership with this company in 2005. Over the years we have gotten to know each other better as business partners and have grown relationships with key individuals within each of our firms. This past year, they started introducing us to several wonderful potential clients. Now, this isn’t something we asked for, it’s not part of our business agreement and they aren’t directly compensated for sending someone our way. So why send us referrals? Because they know our business and trust us enough to stake their reputation on the experience someone will have when interacting with USA Financial. It’s easily the best compliment to receive and you can bet that they are included in our firm’s top 20.

Investing in these people, hyper-focusing the majority of your time resources and energy, can be like adding fertilizer to a perennial chunk of fertile soil capable of generating bumper crop after bumper crop if just given a bit of tender loving care.

I dive into greater detail on this topic and the secrets of these 20 influencers HERE (free 6 ½ minute video: Top 20 Mavens).

For those of you already affiliated with USA Financial, you can find this video on the dashboard in the Coaching and Consulting section (video # 18).

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