Solving for X – It’s About The Relationship, Not the Numbers

In this episode of UnNiched,I had the pleasure of talking to financial adviser, Maddie Parker.  Maddie talks about her transition from high school math teacher to financial adviser, transforming a long-standing practice into a modern business, and dealing with harassment and discrimination both as a teacher and a financial adviser.  She shares her thoughts on cultivating relationships and resources to create a meaningful connection with clients.

Episode highlights:

  • Why math skills should not be a barrier to becoming a financial adviser
  • Relationships matter – Maddie Parker’s thoughts on how we talk to high school boys v. how we talk to high school girls
  • Being young and female in a male dominated industry
  • Working with family. How to interact with your dad when he’s also your boss
  • Revolutionizing and modernizing a long-standing advisory business
  • Responding to sexual harassment on social media
  • Educating the next generation on respect and crossing the line into harassment
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right tools and resources to be the type of adviser you want to be.

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