Mike Walters

Mike Walters has been the chief executive officer of USA Financial since 2003. Prior to that, he was president, vice president and a financial advisor with USA Financial. Mike is a noted industry author and speaker, and he has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the financial services industry. Read Mike's Full Bio

Mark Mersman

Mark Mersman is the chief marketing officer at USA Financial. He joined the firm in 2004 and has had numerous roles within the company before his current position. He entered the world of finance by launching his own firm at the age of 22, a planning firm committed to helping educators further understand their pensions and retirement planning and investment options.. Read Mark's Full Bio

Matt Eilers

Matt Eilers is the coaching and consulting vice president and joined the USA Financial team in 2008. He focuses on independent advisory practice coaching and consulting. Before his current position, he was a case design manager and business development vice president at the company. His coaching career started in 2003 when he was co-director at a national golf academy... Read Matt's Full Bio

Andrea McGrew

As USA Financial’s chief legal and compliance officer, Andrea handles the firm’s litigation and IP matters in conjunction with outside counsel, as well as all regulatory compliance and corporate governance issues. Andrea prides herself on developing relationships with USA Financial’s advisors and clients, and breaking down antiquated compliance stereotypes. During her tenure at USA Financial, Andrea has helped create three new companies... Read Andrea's Full Bio