Positioning for Clients vs. Market Valuation

How to Position Your Practice for Clients AND a Future Buyer

As a part of their everyday business activities, financial advisors help their clients to plan for the financial future of their dreams. Good advisors understand what it takes to attract new clients. Great advisors understand the positioning needed for their clients, as well as the critical components needed in order to position their practice for maximum value down the road (helping them realize their own dreams). This video will share…

  • The 4 key ingredients to a successful practice
  • How to think about positioning your practice for clients AND for maximum valuation
  • When expertise is important (and when it ceases to be important)
  • The most vital component of a smart advisory practice

This video is one topic of a twenty-five-part Entrepreneurial Business Building Series for Financial Advisors titled the Chain-of-Secrets Fast-Track Series. Led by USA Financial CEO Mike Walters, this unique collection forces financial professionals to step away from the advising side of what they do and focus on the main drivers to the success of elite advisors throughout the country.