The Net Promoter Score

The One (and Only) Question You Need to Ask on Client Surveys

Learn the simple science behind a one question survey and how to instantly use it in your practice to identify the clients that are most likely to refer you new business… and the clients who may be shopping for a new advisor. The beauty of this entrepreneurial gem of an idea is found in its simplicity.

Listen in as Mike Walters shares a concept so simple and easy to implement, you’ll be able to execute the strategy within your practice to gain incredibly valuable insight that’s easy to analyze, understand, and act upon.

This video is one topic of a twenty-five-part Entrepreneurial Business Building Series for Financial Advisors titled the Chain-of-Secrets Fast-Track Series. Led by USA Financial CEO Mike Walters, this unique collection forces financial professionals to step away from the advising side of what they do and focus on the main drivers to the success of elite advisors throughout the country.