Top 20 Mavens

Identifying the Most Important People to Your Firm’s Success

Some clients are more important to your long term success than others. This video will share simple ideas like:

  • The twenty most important people in your business (not just clients)
  • What does the “more important client” look like (and how to identify them)
  • The importance of your team knowing how to treat these clients.
  • Understanding the concept of “free ambassadors.”

Listen in as Mike Walters shares a critically important concept to understand in order to catapult growth within your practice.

This video is one topic of a twenty-five-part Entrepreneurial Business Building Series for Financial Advisors titled the Chain-of-Secrets Fast-Track Series. Led by USA Financial CEO Mike Walters, this unique collection forces financial professionals to step away from the advising side of what they do and focus on the main drivers to the success of elite advisors throughout the country.